April 10 on 10 | A Winter Wonderland Walk

I know this is silly. I’m sharing snow pictures in April! Well, we did have snow in March, but luckily it’s ALMOST virtually impossible for it to snow here in April (something about the earth’s position and the sun this time of year). Notice I said virtually impossible…I’m sure it’s happened! Part of the reason […]

Letters to Our Daughters | October

Dear Gianna, We’ve been so busy lately (I feel like I always start of this way!) But truthfully we have! You have turned into the silliest little girl with the most captivating personality! You are sweet and sensitive, outgoing and energetic but cautious around new people. We had a little parent/teacher conference at your preschool […]

Letters to our Daughters | September

Dear Gianna, September was a BIG month for you and we’ve been busy! Your brother started Kindergarten, so we’ve had to get used to our new, more hectic schedule. But more importantly you started preschool! I’m going to be completely honest when I say neither one of us was REALLY ready for this to happen, […]

My love affair with Fuji Neopan 400

There is just something about shooting with black and white film that I love. The emotions shine through. You can really concentrate on the subject. It’s timeless. Now don’t get me wrong, I love color too, but in a totally different way. I shot one roll of Fuji Neopan last year and loved the contrast […]

Letters to our Daughters | May

Dear Gigi, You have been growing by leaps and bounds over the past couple of months. Somewhere along the way you have moved from toddler to my spunky little girl. Once you were potty trained, I promised I would take you to Build a Bear so you could make yourself an “animal baby” just like […]

Letters to our Daughters | March (aka the haircut)

Ever wonder what the 90 second project looks like after YOUR BROTHER CUTS YOUR HAIR??? Dear G, What can I say other than I know this was the biggest most life changing event for you this past month! I realize you are only two and have not had much life experience yet, but when I […]

Letters to our Daughters | January

My sweet little Gigi I have written this letter a thousand times in my head over the past two years.  These are the first words I’ve ever written down for you or your brother.  I do take your picture though…lots and lots of pictures!  I know you love looking at them (especially ones when you […]