April 10 on 10 | A Winter Wonderland Walk

I know this is silly. I’m sharing snow pictures in April! Well, we did have snow in March, but luckily it’s ALMOST virtually impossible for it to snow here in April (something about the earth’s position and the sun this time of year). Notice I said virtually impossible…I’m sure it’s happened!

Part of the reason for the late share is me just being slow to share and slow to blog. But really these scans only just graced my email a couple of weeks ago and I was kind of saving this for my 10 on 10 this month (since I missed getting them in March by only a couple of days.) Let’s be honest, they would have made more sense in March, but really when do I ever make sense?

Because of my work schedule and our “snow schedule,” I was only able to enjoy this one and only snow day with my kiddos. Sure, we had plenty of delays, but this was the only full snow day I was off when they were! This was the day after the snow (see, I had to work on the actual “snow day”) and the roads were clear and the sun was shining. I threw my camera into the car at the last minute not really sure about where I was planning to shoot the role of Fuji 400h that I had loaded.

I decided to hit up one of the entrances to this incredible trail we have here in Maryland (the NCR trail that runs all the way up to Pennsylvania). It was after preschool dance class and kind of an impulse since I didn’t think to pack my kids any snow pants…so we didn’t last long. But I had a roll of film loaded and visions of a Winter Wonderland in my head. Maybe I didn’t get exactly what I was hoping for (since the little one was in tights and a ballet skirt and kept losing her boots and falling in the snow) but we had some fun while it lasted! Can I also just say…film for the win in full sun and snow!

Images made with a Pentax 645n | 75mmFA lens | Fuji 400h | developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.












And…2 more images to finish off the roll (why is it that I would have shot (at least) 100 images on my DSLR but I couldn’t finish my 16 image roll in half an hour??? These were because the light was pretty and she ADORES her milk and cookies t-shirt 🙂



Ok…that’s all, I promise!

Now, head on over to see what Sarah of The Whispering Willow Photography has been up to this month.


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