December 10 on 10 | In search of the perfect tree

For the past 2 years, since I have learned a bit about photography and light, I’ve planned our annual outing to cut down our Christmas tree about an hour and a half before sunset because the tree farm we visit has gorgeous sunsets and evening light (well, late afternoon since the sun begins to set at like 4:00pm these days!) So this year was supposed to be no different, gorgeous sunset, cooperative kiddos and therefore amazing photos! We chose a day we knew was going to be warm but by the time we got to the tree farm, storm clouds rolled in and it was insanely dark…and then started to sprinkle after 5 minutes of being there. This just led to a huge storm rolling in so we had to move fast…like REALLY fast! We do have some fond memories of that warm December afternoon, even if I don’t have the images to prove it!














Thanks for taking a peek! Next check out what Katie and her family were up to HERE!


One thought on “December 10 on 10 | In search of the perfect tree

  1. My goodness…so cute!! Yeah..our Christmas tree farm experience was supposed to be at sunset too….also didn’t work out. haha Still so much fun! You manage to get incredible pictures no matter the lighting though!

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