October 10 on 10 | At the Creamery

So, it’s already October and I realized I never shared these images from late summer. Here and there, I’ve shared a few and if you follow me on instagram you may have seen the mobile images at the bottom. Any more when I’m shooting film, I get so excited after I shoot, mail off my film, then wait (not so patiently) for the “your scans are ready” email. While I’m so excited to (finally) have my images sometimes at first glance I feel disconnected from the moments. Maybe, the images weren’t what I was expecting. Maybe my vision didn’t translate to film that day. So I do my quick edits and let them sit and when I do revisit them, I am greeted with warm memories.

These images do just that! They aren’t of any special event. Just an everyday trip to a local creamery. It’s the light for me…a gorgeous sunset gets me everytime! But the fun we had that night! I shoot film, because with digital (if I’m being perfectly honest) I. can’t. stop. shooting. Seriously, I’ve tried! All of you that can take 10 shots and step away. Well, I applaud you! Now don’t get me wrong…I still LOVE LOVE my digital camera and you know I will never EVER give up my iPhone!

I ended up shooting exactly 10 frames on a roll of Portra 400 in my Pentax (2 didn’t make the cut because of focus issues and a weird face–they were EATING after all and the 3rd was just a very similar image to another one I am sharing). But for me and our family photo album, all 10 are keepers (ok I won’t mislead you, that’s rare!) and it’s was a whole lot better than going through 100 images I ASSURE you I would have taken otherwise. (I know, I know…I admit that I have a problem! Hello, my name is Nicole and I am an over shooter!!!) Instead I made some amazing moments and memories with my family and I captured a few…so we can always remember.







And some random iPhone shots that I took once it was too dark for film (I mean you know I can’t be helped. If my phone is in reach, well then I will shoot with it!) My little G was picking up the fallen sunflower petals, leaving a path of flowers and then making it “rain” flowers 🙂




Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

Thanks so much for stopping by! Now go and check out what Genevieve of G Erwin Photography has been up to right HERE! (then proceed around the circle and check out some amazing posts!)


3 thoughts on “October 10 on 10 | At the Creamery

  1. Amazing. I love every single one!! The one that REALLY got me was the one of the two of them on the blanket. LOVE!! You are incredible….with absolutely any camera. 🙂

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