Letters to our Daughters | September

Dear Gianna,

September was a BIG month for you and we’ve been busy! Your brother started Kindergarten, so we’ve had to get used to our new, more hectic schedule. But more importantly you started preschool! I’m going to be completely honest when I say neither one of us was REALLY ready for this to happen, but in the past couple of weeks you’ve really become such a big girl who just loves to go to school!

We are blessed to have found a preschool that has amazing staff and teachers! Learning through creative play and art is SO IMPORTANT to me and this school does an incredible job! You are also learning about the bible and Christian values (another important part of your education) and you are really enjoying it.

Every time I pick you up from school or I get home from work, you are eager to tell me about your day and show off your art work! You are a talented little artist just like your brother and I know that you love having complete control over your own art (something your brother, as the oldest, isn’t so great at letting you do all on your own!) We both know he’s trying to help, it’s hard for him to understand that you are getting older and really need to try things all on your own. He’s just trying to be the good big brother that he his!

It’s still hard for me when I drop you off. I’ve never been by myself (other than driving to and from work) in over 5 years. Now, I have 5 1/2 hours a week to myself and I feel a bit lost without you. Of course I know this is a good thing, we BOTH need it…but it’s going to take some getting used to!

As always, I had my camera ready to document your first day of preschool, but drop off didn’t exactly go as planned… When I hugged you goodbye, you clutched onto me and held me tighter than you ever had (and yes you cried, which of course made me cry!) I will never forget that moment. I honestly wasn’t expecting it from you, you are my little social butterfly after all. But we got through it and you now bounce into the classroom like you’ve been going for years!

Rarely do I ever ask you to “pose” for the camera. I might ask you to move because of the light or I will physically move what your doing into the pretty light (that’s more like it!) but posing isn’t something that we really do. That may explain some of the faces that you gave me when I asked to to hold your preschool sign and look at the camera!




This was pretty much your attitude about going to school before you started a little sleepy and a whole lot of “I’m not going attitude!”





Ok, these are the faces I’m talking about….this is your new “thing” to smile really cheesy and put your fists under your chin….WHAT?!?!?









And of course your first day of school would not have been complete without the twirly dress, the princess crown and your princess tattoos!

I love you, you, you, you, you, you!

As a mother and a photographer I am lucky to have found other women who share my passion. Their images and words resonate with me and this project has allowed us to share our stories with each other. Please continue over to read Lori’s letter to her daughter.


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