August 10 on 10 | Singing in the Rain

This month I’ve decided to share images I took during a recent rain. As much as my girl loves all things pink and girly, she doesn’t mind getting wet and a bit dirty…at least not in the moment. I had recently finished a film workshop over at In Beauty and Chaos called Embrace the Grain taught by Joyce Kang. It was fabulous but I won’t get into that now, you can read all about that HERE!

I figured this would be a great time to try and use my new found film knowledge and do a little mini shoot in the rain with my girl and all of her pink rain gear! So I grabbed Gianna, my Pentax 645n, and a roll of Portra 400. Gianna grabbed her pink Hello Kitty umbrella, her pink tutu, her pink rain coat, and her pink Hello Kitty rain boots. (see pink from head to toe…and I never thought we would be a “Hello Kitty household!”)

So I just let her go and splash around (and sing “Let it Go”…we are STILL not past that song) and I just snapped. One of the things that I love about medium format (and it’s actually one of the things that I thought I would hate) is each roll of 120 will give me 16 frames with my Pentax. Those 16 frames are perfect for one little “session” for my kiddos. Seriously if I were shooting digital, I JUST. KEEP. SHOOTING. I am afraid to think how many frames there would have been…at least a hundred to weed through? So I’m a happy momma shooting film and she’s a happy girl in her Hello Kitty allowed to jump in puddles…it’s win win really!!









Sometimes you have to just capture your kiddo in all their ridiculous glory to really see their personality shine through!


It’s true. You never know what you’re going to get with film. You can’t see where your focus fell, sometimes you have no choice but to shoot with a slower shutter speed than you normally would with kids since you are kind of limited by your film’s ASA. You learn that sometimes you love these images regardless of their flaws and they sometimes mean a lot to you because your little girl is pretending to be Wonder Woman and it was the last frame on your roll!

All images taken on a Pentax 645n with a 75mm lens and Portra 400 | Developed and scanned by the Find lab | basic scans.

Now head on over to see what Rachel of Rachel McCalley Photography and her family have been up to this summer, then continue on and check out everyone’s post!


2 thoughts on “August 10 on 10 | Singing in the Rain

  1. Nicole…I LOVE THESE!!! I think Gianna and Grace would be great friends. This definitely looks like a scene from our house. 🙂 I never thought we would be a Hello Kitty household either! Grace now has 3 little Hello Kitties (from her grandparents) that she has to sleep with at night..Oh..and Let it Go is still going strong at our house too! She has even taught some of it to Oliver now! Plus I am super impressed with your film shots! I’m still too nervous to try it out.

  2. PERFECT!! I love my perfectly imperfect images…this last one was for sure! Yes, I’m an overshooter too. This film bit sounds like a good idea!! I have way too many images in my hard drive I have to go through….meh…

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