Letters to Our Daughters | July

Dear Gianna,

There are two things in this world that you have come to love like no other. Your beloved blankie and your Leah. Both of these items have given you comfort and companionship for well over a year and a half now.

Blankie is very special, I do agree. Blankie has pretty much been with you every day of your life (almost). But it wasn’t until you were over a year when we let you start sleeping with blankie that you became truly attached. Part of the reason why blankie became oh so important to you is because of Landon. You look up to your brother so much and when you were one he was still dragging around his buba (blanket). While buba is now no more than a few strands of yard knotted together which I keep safe, your blankie looks pretty darn good considering you drag that poor blanket everywhere! But because Landon had his buba and now his turtle blanket, you began to turn to your blanket for comfort.

It is now a source of comfort and (along with those darn fingers in your mouth) was instrumental in you learning to self soothe. You also smell your blanket (better than chewing on it…poor, poor buba blanket!) when you are sleepy 🙂


Leah is also not far behind. She was one of your first dolls. You had others before her, but none that you loved like her. She was a gift from Santa when you were 19 months old and from the second you opened her, she has been your constant companion. At the time, all dolls were called “baby.” All of them. We never knew which “baby” you were talking about. Then Leah came along and we opened her up and told you that the baby had a birth certificate with her name on it. You asked what her name was and for the next year, she was still the only baby that had her own name. That’s how we knew she was special to you. There has not been a nap or a bedtime or even a time when you need a little bit of companionship that Leah hasn’t been by your side (oh she shows it too!)


I love that you love your special friends so much. It warms my heart that we have shown you HOW to love this deeply at such a young age. You are such a sweet girl and show so much care and compassion. It is something about you that makes me so proud! I love seeing your personality grow (although it could slow down just a bit!)

Love always,

As a mother and a photographer I am lucky to have found other women who share my passion. Their images and words resonate with me and this project has allowed us to share our stories with each other. Please continue over to read Jessica’s letter to her daughter.


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