(Yet Another) Snow Day and why I choose to shoot film

Something you may (or may not) know about me is that I shoot film. Not ALL the time…I could never give up my iPhone and the instant gratification and capabilities of my DSLR keep it hanging by a string in my line up of gear. Most of the time I get a strange look or an “I haven’t heard THAT sound in over a decade” (when my film begins to wind in my SLR), or even a startled look when I use my Pentax (that camera IS pretty loud!). Most people will ask me “why” and “isn’t is so expensive?” Well, yes it can be, but for me it is so freeing. Free from (much) editing. Free from the endless culling of unnecessary shots. While I am only a hobbyist photographer, my time is still WAY more important to me and film gives some of that back to me.

I feel more involved with the moment and I get excited beyond belief when I get an email that my scans are ready! There is still a lot for me to learn in the ways of shooting film and definitely about photography in general but now I know the direction that my photography journey is supposed to take.

I am so glad that I can share this journey with the wonderful ladies at Film Mama (check out the facebook page and come join us over on our “forum” page to chat about film if you are interested!)

Ok enough talk! On to the images…

This is one of our 150 snow days we’ve had here in Maryland (ok, no not really but it feels like it!) In the fall I decided to buy a medium format camera and am finally getting around to using it a lot more. I’m still getting used to things, but decided that I could (finally) use some of the Fuji 400h I have been saving for a “warm” sunny day!








All images were taken with a Pentax 645n | 75mm lens |Fuji 400h | Developed and Scanned by Indie Film Lab

Next up is the amazingly talented Ami Parrish and her gorgeous images. Once you’ve visited her look for the next link and keep on going until you end up back at my page.


11 thoughts on “(Yet Another) Snow Day and why I choose to shoot film

  1. Nicole, I love your post! seriously shooting film in snow has been such a challenge for me and these are amazing. The color and focus are SO GOOD! I also love the reflection of the melting snow in the last photographs!

  2. her little jacket is darling. as is her hair. You have piqued my interest about film. may look into it

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