Letters to our Daughters | March (aka the haircut)

Ever wonder what the 90 second project looks like after YOUR BROTHER CUTS YOUR HAIR???


Dear G, What can I say other than I know this was the biggest most life changing event for you this past month! I realize you are only two and have not had much life experience yet, but when I say this was a bit traumatic for you…I might be underestimating it! It happened so fast in the blink of an eye (no literally it was 30 seconds…less time than I take in the bathroom mind you). One minute you were swinging your long “Mermaid Rapunzel” hair and the next you had a much much shorter look (from the front it was still nice and long in the back!)

It was a moment of shock and silence and your brother proudly asked me how I liked your “new short hair.” Then the reality of it all sunk in and I understood what he was saying, looked down at the (large) clump of hair in your hands, looked back at you and you promptly burst into tears begging me to “put your long hair back.” It broke my heart to see you so very upset (rightfully so!) Your sweet but naive brother honestly thought it was no big deal since it would grow back “in like 10 days, right mommy?” Poor thing started crying as hard as you were when I told him that it would be more like a year and a half!

So off we went and had your hair cut at the salon (which you loved). Everyone has been making such a big deal over your “new short hair” as you call it. They keep telling you how cute you look and you respond with “I know I am beautiful.” Modest little girl you are! I’m just going with confident here ok? In reality, this is not a big deal and of course you’ve adjusted fine. You are now Rapunzel at the END of Tangled when Flynn cuts off her hair and then she returns home and becomes the princess. But in your 2 little short years, this was a huge deal and something none of us will EVER forget. You were so proud of your long hair and it has been a bit of an adjustment. As I always tell you and your brother, If this is the worst thing that happened to you today then you are doing great.

You know what sweetie we are all doing great and yes you are right. You are a beautiful little girl!

By the time we finished with your haircut you had enough of my camera and just wanted to RUN!





All my love, Momma

As a mother and a photographer I am lucky to have found other women who share my passion. Their images and words resonate with me and this project has allowed us to share our stories with each other. Please continue over to Heidi’s letter to her daughter.


2 thoughts on “Letters to our Daughters | March (aka the haircut)

  1. oh my, I can somewhat relate, my daughter is 3 and poor thing still has no hair, she wishes for long hair everyday, she wants rapunzel hair! Everyone reassures me that is will just start growing one day, fingers are crossed. Can’t imagine what would happen if she finally gets long hair and brother cuts it off, she would be angry to say the least…

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