Best buds


Landon, from the moment your Aunt and I found out that we were pregnant, due within weeks of each other, and having boys we both knew that you two would grow up the best of friends. (You know just like Aunt J and I were growing up…HA!) Don’t get me wrong, you and T have your differences (A LOT of them.) Seriously, your personalities couldn’t be more different. BUT as you get older and have started actually playing together, it’s such a wonderful feeling to know that you will always have a best friend in your cousin. I wish we lived closer, but I like to think it just makes our time together that much more special. I cherish these moments of boyhood that you get to experience with T and I hope that someday you will too.

I participate in a wonderful collaborative blog called Cherish This Day. Please check out the rest of the blog post. The images are wonderful and it’s so inspiring to see what everyone cherishes week after week.


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