Letters to our daughters | February

My sweet little princess Gigi, at 2 1/2 you have such a cute imagination. You think that you really ARE a princess. Not just for play and not just because you can be a drama queen sometimes! In your bones you believe that you are a princess. Sometimes it’s Rapunzel, sometimes it’s Ariel, sometimes you simply make up your own princess and dream away. But, more often than not you become (or rather ARE) Cinderella. I can’t tell you how many times I hear you singing “Cinderelli, Cenderelli” all over the house. We have a bit of a battle on “movie night” because you always want to watch Cinderella…even when it’s your brother’s turn to pick. He is sometimes very generous and gives you what you want (he is a pushover!) I am sure this is just the first of many Disney princess movie obsession for you. (and just so we are on the same page G, Cinderella was my very first Disney movie and I know I wore that copy out too.)

Because of your general love of Disney princesses, Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mou Mou (Minnie to the rest of us), we decided to take you and your brother to Disney on Ice for MY Birthday…it was too dark to take any pictures inside, but you couldn’t BELIEVE how many princesses were there! From the moment you found out we were going, you asked if you could wear your Cinerella dress (I of course said yes) and you wore it proudly! It is by far your favorite dress ever!


Some days you just dance around singing in it….no special place to go!


Maybe do a little light Cinderella cleaning, because after all we are nothing but authentic!


As your momma, I hope you always dream these big dreams of yours. You truly are my princess and I love that you have such a vibrant imagination.


I love you Gigi with all my heart to the moon and back,

As a mother and a photographer I am lucky to have found other women who share my passion. Their images and words resonate with me and this project has allowed us to share our stories with each other. Please continue over to Midy’s letter to her daughter.


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