Letters to our Daughters | January

My sweet little Gigi I have written this letter a thousand times in my head over the past two years.  These are the first words I’ve ever written down for you or your brother.  I do take your picture though…lots and lots of pictures!  I know you love looking at them (especially ones when you were a baby!)  This year was a big one for you!  You went from baby to my little miss independent, stubborn princess! It was a big year for me too…I really decided that I wanted to get better at taking yours and your brother’s pictures.  So I’ve been taking your picture almost daily.  I also decided that I wanted to start documenting you on film.  So, while these images aren’t perfect, they are all lovingly taken on film.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do my beautiful girl.

You are the most special little girl and I am so lucky to call myself your mom. I never knew how much spunk and energy could be packed into such a tiny person until we had you. I swear, you came out that way and you’ve been my little “Punky” ever since! You literally BOUNCE around the house, sometimes you run, but you are never slow! Seriously little one, you are a hard one to photograph. You will jump up and run off a second or two after playing quietly and are running to the next thing! Only two and a half and you have more energy than I could ever DREAM of!


We can always tell that you are getting sleepy though, you will grab blankie and soon enough your two fingers are in your mouth. You swear that you are ready to give up your naps…but the rest of us are NOT (and really, truly you are not ready. Soon enough little one.)




You are a girly girl and love all things pink, tutu, and princess! I thought with having a big brother to show you the ropes you might be a bit of a tomboy…and maybe you will, but for now you are all girl all the time! You love playing mommy to your babies. It really warms my heart to see how well you care for all of them. You do have a favorite, your Leah, but you really love all of them.


You love playing outside! It’s been so cold lately and I know you miss it. You could swing all day long if we let you! No matter where we are, if there is a swing, you will find it! Then there is the sandbox…oh how you love to dig. The beach quickly became a favorite of yours because it was one giant sandbox and you could spend your whole day digging away!







You also love reading or rather being read to. I rarely can get you to sit and look at the pictures and just “read” to yourself they way your brother has always loved doing. Even though sometimes “you are a big girl and don’t wanna sit on your lap,” I think it’s the cuddling that you really want. You are also turning into quite the artist and love coloring and gluing just like your brother.




And oh the stubbornness! We are just going to pretend that you didn’t get that from me, ok? You know what you want and when you want it and there is just no changing your mind! I do admire your determination though! You do things on your own schedule (on Gigi time as I like to call it.) The times when you don’t get what you want…well lets just say you might be a *bit* of a drama queen too! Your brother never mastered the “I’m going to burst into tears and cry, then maybe they will give me what I want.” You on the other hand will try it. Every time. I have to say, your dad can sometimes be swayed by your cute crocodile tears.




I love that you know when you want me to take your picture, as frustrating as it might be sometimes! You will give me that brief moment, intense look, then take off. But it does make me proud when you ask me “Momma, is that your film camera? I will stand VERY still.” Ok, so you literally stand very still for like .2 seconds, but it’s cute that you ask!





I love you so, so, SO much!

Now continue on over to my friend Jessica’s blog to read the beautiful word’s she has written to her daughter.


3 thoughts on “Letters to our Daughters | January

  1. Oh my goodness, Nicole … what a perfect letter and beautiful images! I love that you’re sharing your film work – you’re an inspiration! I can’t really choose a favorite … but I have a soft spot for the one with her tears! ❤ So glad you've joined us!

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