A day in the life…Our Last Day of Summer

I’ll admit I shot my day in the life about a month ago.  It was the last official Friday of our Summer (my son started preschool the following Monday) and I wanted to capture what our summer days were like before it was back to school schedules and soccer practice!  Already it feels like an eternity has passed!  The leaves are changing (or gone from some of our trees!), the air is cooler and crisp, and I haven’t seen the sun in over a week (to be fair to the sun I do work long days and have no windows sooo I could have missed a moment here or there!)

My main goal of this day in the life was to capture my kids during a regular “summer” day and hope to get a glimpse of who they are right NOW.  Some of their favorite things/habits/activities made an appearance in these images, but of course I couldn’t get EVERYTHING as much as I tried! Also, it wouldn’t have been a day in the life of my family unless my iPhone did a little work too…some of the images here were lovingly shot with my iPhone (mainly because I’m so USED to grabbing my phone when we are out and about or to shoot a fleeting moment when my  DSLR is not close by).

I am going to let the images speak for themselves and I hope you enjoy the peak into our lives.  When you’re finished here head on over to see how Kerri’s day was!

September 6, 2013

(*although these could have been taken almost any day this summer since Gianna wore that dress anytime she saw it*)



9 thoughts on “A day in the life…Our Last Day of Summer

  1. I love that you captured their last day of summer, what a great idea. Her dress is adorable I see why it’s her favorite. Gorgeous images.

  2. There are so many adorable photos! I can’t get over the one of your daughter going down the stairs! …and your kids both asleep in the car – jealous! I can’t wait for our kids to meet….someday! Gorgeous photos and what a fun day!

  3. I especially enjoyed the black and white photos–they capture such emotion, Nicole. Landon’s day involves lots of food! I love Gianna;s hair in the photos. Beautiful family!

  4. this is quite honestly the best and most ENJOYABLE to look at day in the life i have ever seen. I wanna see each individual photo larger! where did you get that fantastic watercolor pallet?

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