Finding the Light

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. ~Aaron Rose

Recently I spent four weeks taking yet another class over at Clickin Moms. I knew that indoor lighting was something that I struggled with so I decided to sign up for Mastering Natural Light Indoors (MNLI). I learned more about light and how it relates to photography in those 4 weeks than I ever thought was possible. It is about so much more than just natural light. We covered everything from soft window light, hard sunlight, lamplight and light from electronics (and so much more.) This class is amazing and if you are at all passionate about photography, I highly recommend it. Megan Cieloha is a fantastic and dedicated instructor who provides you with the building blocks necessary to find the light in your home and beyond! Here are some of my favorite images taken during the course.  There were just so many to choose from and I have even a couple of more if you want to take a peak at my full MNLI gallery HERE  Thanks so much for checking out my work!




CMP52 Week 4 Low Light Photography




Week 5 Finding the Light_MG_5637-Edit











And here are a couple that I took after the class had ended

Week 8 Wildcard

Week 9-Glass


You can find beautiful work of Janecke Lucia HERE.  Then, please take the time to check out the fantastic work of my talented classmates by continuing to click through the circle!


11 thoughts on “Finding the Light

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  2. Wow Nicole, these are all so stunning! You rocked this class! It was so great to be in this class with you. I can’t pick a favorite but I love your self portrait and the ones of your daughter in her tutu are so cute.

  3. Nicole, these are so incredibly beautiful!!! I love how each is different but still reflective of your style! It’s so hard to pick a favorite, but I really love the one in the tub (love the water outside on the window and then on his back) and then the ones of your son on his back, especially the black and white. Eeek… and then the one of your little girl in front of the mirror and those last two by the window… beautiful!!!

  4. Your quote at the beginning of this post couldn’t be more appropriate for this class. I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite from this inspiring set…they are all so beautiful!!

  5. Nicole- I have truly enjoyed seeing all of your images over the last 4 weeks…. and to see them all in one thread… breath taking! My favorite is still the one of your little girl in the chair. So honest. Beautiful work.

  6. Oh, so fantastic Nicole. I love your work, you vision, your eye! These are really great and inspiring. Like many of the others have said, I have so many that I just love to look at; it is too hard to select a favorite but I think they are all really beautiful examples of viewing the light. I missed seeing the bathtub one of your son. Beautiful! Totally jealous of your tub and that light! I’m hoping my girl will be into the tutus/frilly skirts soon! Right now, we are still in legging phase!

  7. I cannot even choose a favorite, so many amazing images here, so much inspiration 🙂 And the quote you chose couldn’t be a better fit, so you’re wise and an amazing photog! I’m so happy we’re classmates, I learned a lot from you!!

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