10 on 10 September | 5 minutes

So after going back and forth for over a year, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Fuji xt10. A mirrorless camera to tote around when we are out and about. Don’t get me wrong…I still love my Canon but I would sometimes just not want to lug it around. You also KNOW I have a special bond with my iphone (like we are inseparable) but there are times when I wish I had something a little bit more. And then there are the times when I really want to shoot film, but for some reason I still feel like I need that digital crutch and I end up BREAKING MY BACK with all of the cameras I feel like I might need to bring.

This little guy is super light and easy to shoot. The controls remind me of some of my film cameras and I actually really like that. I also love how the screen flips so that I can shoot from the hip and still frame my shot. This will definitely come in handy so that I can finally do a little street photography. There is also an electronic viewfinder so you can see what your final exposure looks like in real time!

Ok enough about the camera and on to the pictures!

As soon as it was delivered, even before I charged the battery, I decided that I needed to try it out. So I just shot a couple of frames of my kids in the kitchen after school having their snack and listening to music on my phone.


Then while L was resting after school, I took my little one outside for our own little 5 minute project so that I could test this little camera in backlight. I am not even sure she gave me 5 minutes before we lost the sun on our property. But I was really pleased with how the lens handled the back light and it definitely produced some interesting flare!


Ok and we are just calling these “sparkles” not bugs…ok?

And here’s are a couple from bedtime just so you can see that no, it’s not the greatest in low light but I shoot film and like grain so I have no problems with a little grain in my images!


All in all I’m happy with my purchase. Did I NEED it…no but I think we are going to get along just fine 🙂 All images were taken with a fuji xt10 | 23mm lens (about 35mm equivalent) | edited in LR with VSCO film presets.

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10 on 10 July | Strawberry Picking on Film

This year I decided to only shoot a roll of Portra 400 when we picked strawberries. L and G LOVE this tradition and I THINK they ate more than they picked! We even brought their Aunt “C” with us this year 🙂 There are a couple more than 10 images. I always see more in the few film images I take…flaws and all!


All of my images were taken with a Canon EOS3 | Portra 400 | developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab

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May 10 on 10 : Science Center Fun

Recently we made a quick trip to the Maryland Science Center. We usually spend a bit more time there since we do have a membership but this was a spur of the moment decision. I wish we could have spent more time since I actually had my camera with me but we had a great time and I was able to capture a few moments. My kids always bounce from thing to thing so it’s no easy task getting them in a few frames while we are there anyway 🙂


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April 10 on 10 | A Winter Wonderland Walk

I know this is silly. I’m sharing snow pictures in April! Well, we did have snow in March, but luckily it’s ALMOST virtually impossible for it to snow here in April (something about the earth’s position and the sun this time of year). Notice I said virtually impossible…I’m sure it’s happened!

Part of the reason for the late share is me just being slow to share and slow to blog. But really these scans only just graced my email a couple of weeks ago and I was kind of saving this for my 10 on 10 this month (since I missed getting them in March by only a couple of days.) Let’s be honest, they would have made more sense in March, but really when do I ever make sense?

Because of my work schedule and our “snow schedule,” I was only able to enjoy this one and only snow day with my kiddos. Sure, we had plenty of delays, but this was the only full snow day I was off when they were! This was the day after the snow (see, I had to work on the actual “snow day”) and the roads were clear and the sun was shining. I threw my camera into the car at the last minute not really sure about where I was planning to shoot the role of Fuji 400h that I had loaded.

I decided to hit up one of the entrances to this incredible trail we have here in Maryland (the NCR trail that runs all the way up to Pennsylvania). It was after preschool dance class and kind of an impulse since I didn’t think to pack my kids any snow pants…so we didn’t last long. But I had a roll of film loaded and visions of a Winter Wonderland in my head. Maybe I didn’t get exactly what I was hoping for (since the little one was in tights and a ballet skirt and kept losing her boots and falling in the snow) but we had some fun while it lasted! Can I also just say…film for the win in full sun and snow!

Images made with a Pentax 645n | 75mmFA lens | Fuji 400h | developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.












And…2 more images to finish off the roll (why is it that I would have shot (at least) 100 images on my DSLR but I couldn’t finish my 16 image roll in half an hour??? These were because the light was pretty and she ADORES her milk and cookies t-shirt 🙂



Ok…that’s all, I promise!

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Square shooter | March for the love of film

A few months back I purchased a Yashica Mat 124G in great condition. But of course a camera can look beautiful, but not work just right! Other than a tiny hiccup on the first image, the camera shoots beautifully and I was floored that I could get sharp images at really low shutter speeds (since I always test these things out on a sleeping kid, because let’s be honest…they are really never still!) Shooting with a TLR is also a challenge because everything shows backwards on the screen. I’m still getting used to that! Here is my first attempt at “square shooting” on film…I really need to shoot this camera more!

Yashica Mat 124G | Tri-x 400 (rated at 800 +1) | Richard Photo Lab








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Jumping back in | Jauary For the Love of Film

It’s no secret that I love shooting film. I have mentioned it only a “few” times… But for some reason (maybe I got a little burnt out) I’ve been on a bit of a film “hiatus.” So I decided the only way to get back at it was to literally jump back in. Not having anything in particular to shoot, I loaded up my Pentax with a roll of Portra and just shot a few moments of our weekend in Raleigh. As usual, my kids are the feature of my images this go around but I’m hoping this will pull me out of my slump and lead me to try a few new things in the coming months











Now only two images that a grandparent would love 😉



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December 10 on 10 | In search of the perfect tree

For the past 2 years, since I have learned a bit about photography and light, I’ve planned our annual outing to cut down our Christmas tree about an hour and a half before sunset because the tree farm we visit has gorgeous sunsets and evening light (well, late afternoon since the sun begins to set at like 4:00pm these days!) So this year was supposed to be no different, gorgeous sunset, cooperative kiddos and therefore amazing photos! We chose a day we knew was going to be warm but by the time we got to the tree farm, storm clouds rolled in and it was insanely dark…and then started to sprinkle after 5 minutes of being there. This just led to a huge storm rolling in so we had to move fast…like REALLY fast! We do have some fond memories of that warm December afternoon, even if I don’t have the images to prove it!














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November 10 on 10 | Fall fun at the corn maze

We recently took a trip to our local corn maze. It’s always a fun and busy time! I decided to take my Canon EOS3 (35mm film camera), 24-70mm lens, and ONE roll of film. I mostly played with the kids, but manages to take some images 😉 Actually I didn’t finish the entire roll (surprisingly) but here are some of the images I got (sorry…there may be more than 10!) ‘

They are largely imperfect, snapshots of life, living in the moment…and I love every. single. one.
















(all images made with a Canon EOS3, Portra 400, the FIND lab)

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Letters to Our Daughters | October

Dear Gianna,

We’ve been so busy lately (I feel like I always start of this way!) But truthfully we have! You have turned into the silliest little girl with the most captivating personality! You are sweet and sensitive, outgoing and energetic but cautious around new people. We had a little parent/teacher conference at your preschool to discuss how you are adapting to preschool socially. Let’s just say you are adapting just fine and VERY social! Your teachers tell me that you play with everyone and participate in everything. Oh, and you like to sing. Frozen. A LOT! 🙂 This is something I love and admire about you. (Yes, even at 3 your momma admires you!) You are the girl who will walk up to a much older girl on the playground and ask her to play dolls with you. You are so friendly, sweet, bold and confident. I hope you never lose that confidence!

Now that you are in school, we don’t get AS MUCH down time to just play together. I cherish the moments that we can just be. It’s a breath of fresh air that I know I need to recover from my long days at work. You need it too. I try to leave our afternoons together free from errands, plans, and schedules. We have too many years of that down the road. For now, I just love watching as you grow.

I love you with all my heart,

These snapshots are just the reflection of the days that I shot these images. Unplanned, unscripted, imperfect, real and fun…they are certainly not perfect or art. But they are our memories and they are priceless. I want you to remember my camera (ok, CAMERAS. Who am I kidding!) as an extension of me, playing WITH you while I document you.













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October 10 on 10 | At the Creamery

So, it’s already October and I realized I never shared these images from late summer. Here and there, I’ve shared a few and if you follow me on instagram you may have seen the mobile images at the bottom. Any more when I’m shooting film, I get so excited after I shoot, mail off my film, then wait (not so patiently) for the “your scans are ready” email. While I’m so excited to (finally) have my images sometimes at first glance I feel disconnected from the moments. Maybe, the images weren’t what I was expecting. Maybe my vision didn’t translate to film that day. So I do my quick edits and let them sit and when I do revisit them, I am greeted with warm memories.

These images do just that! They aren’t of any special event. Just an everyday trip to a local creamery. It’s the light for me…a gorgeous sunset gets me everytime! But the fun we had that night! I shoot film, because with digital (if I’m being perfectly honest) I. can’t. stop. shooting. Seriously, I’ve tried! All of you that can take 10 shots and step away. Well, I applaud you! Now don’t get me wrong…I still LOVE LOVE my digital camera and you know I will never EVER give up my iPhone!

I ended up shooting exactly 10 frames on a roll of Portra 400 in my Pentax (2 didn’t make the cut because of focus issues and a weird face–they were EATING after all and the 3rd was just a very similar image to another one I am sharing). But for me and our family photo album, all 10 are keepers (ok I won’t mislead you, that’s rare!) and it’s was a whole lot better than going through 100 images I ASSURE you I would have taken otherwise. (I know, I know…I admit that I have a problem! Hello, my name is Nicole and I am an over shooter!!!) Instead I made some amazing moments and memories with my family and I captured a few…so we can always remember.







And some random iPhone shots that I took once it was too dark for film (I mean you know I can’t be helped. If my phone is in reach, well then I will shoot with it!) My little G was picking up the fallen sunflower petals, leaving a path of flowers and then making it “rain” flowers 🙂




Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

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